Here are some questions we frequently get asked:

Q. What can scripture memory do for you?

  1. It will give you victory over sin.
  2. It helps you overcome worry.
  3. It will give you a confidence in sharing your faith.
  4. It assists you in discovering Godís will for your life.
  5. It helps in your other Bible studies.
  6. It outfits you for unlimited service to God.

Q. Why do you put scripture to music?
A. Many people have found that when you put scripture to music, you are able to memorize it faster and easier. You also retain it much longer.

Q. Why memorize scripture when you have the Bible to read?
A. You probably have never been arrested for reading your Bible in America, but someday this might be the case. Carry the Bible with you in your heart, and youíll never have to worry. 

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